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The PREPA Foundation is basically a professional program to formally empower adolescents to achieve their goals in their youthful lives. We are a nonprofit organization, duly registered in the United States under number 47-4129388 as a charitable organization in the archives of the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).
Our school workshops are designed as the first objective to develop the character, leadership and skills of the students; Once this objective is achieved, we move on to the second step, which is to place the student in a challenge: to develop reading, writing and speaking in public and therefore increase their thinking and emotional intelligence (IQ).
Other workshops are: Ethics, Theme of the Week, Dressing for Success, Writing Resumes and Marketing Strategies, Leadership Classes with a Local Leader, Etiquette and Business Protocol, Search and Visit to Universities, Keys to School Success, School Financial Aid, Sympathy and Attitude, Composure, Public and Private Responsibility for Managing Aggression and Anger.

There is no Future without Education.”

Dr. Virginia Bouret/CEO


The mission of PREPA is to provide personal and professional development for ALL students and parents who experience social, educational, economic or environmental barriers that may impact the quality of their lives.
The GOAL of PREPA is to prepare students and parents for FUTURE SUCCESS!
PREPA was designed to unify all community leaders, government, business, environmental entities, community organizations and corporations with one goal.
PREPA’S focus is to assist the students in their completion of high school diplomas and motivate them to pursue occupational and academic advanced education and employment long term.


The vision of the PREPA (Preparation, Relations, Entrepreneurship, Prevention, and Advancement) program, (PREPA) is to build character in all Students to believe in themselves and succeed in life.
PREPA is a non-profit 501 © (3) grass root organization for students experiencing language or socio-economic issues that may place them in at risk situation.

Focus of PREPA

The FOCUS OF PREPA is preparation, social relations, entrepreneurship, prevention and advancement services for all Students.