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During the period analyzed- between October 2015 and October 2016- 532 thousand students left secondary school.

Hispanics are the second dropout from high school in the US

This dropout represents 4.8% of the total of 11.2 million students enrolled in grades 10-12 of high school in 2016, (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

Hispanics have the second highest rate of high school dropout in the country with 9.1%, only surpassed by Native Americans, who have 11.0%, according to a report presented today.

The analysis “Trends in school dropout and completion rate in the United States 2018”, prepared by the (governmental) Institute of Education Sciences (IES), also found a big difference in graduation rates of Latinos in relation to non-Hispanic whites.

Although the gap has been dramatically reduced over the past 40 years, in 2016 non-Hispanic whites had a high school graduation rate 5.4% higher than Latinos.

According to Joel McFarland, project officer of the National Center for Education Statistics and director of the report, the dropout rate of African-Americans in the period analyzed -between October 2015 and October 2016- was 7%; of non-Hispanic whites 4.5% and Asians 2%.

The report showed that, during that period, approximately 532,000 students dropped out of high school without obtaining a diploma.

This dropout represents 4.8% of the total of 11.2 million students enrolled in grades 10 to 12 of secondary school in 2016, aged between 15 and 24 years.

Between 2015 and 2016, the number of Hispanic students who graduated within the expected time in public high schools was 79%, lower than the national average of 84% and the non-Hispanic white student graduation rate of 88%.

Native Americans had a graduation rate of 72% and African Americans 76%. The one of the Asians was 91%.

By noting that the information analyzed was taken from high-reliability local, regional and national databases, the report indicated that the percentage margin of error is less than 1%.

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Retrieved: 2/28/2019

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